Public Good for Publishers

My former company Public Good's flagship product, "Take Action" buttons, are embedded in online articles to help connect readers with philanthropic actions they can take to support the causes they just read about. Traditionally this was done on a case-by-base basis with individual publishers requesting the code from Public Good. With the release of "Public Good for Publishers," we hoped to make "Take Action" buttons easily available to anyone to implement on their own site without the need to request custom code.

My responsibility on this project was to design the overall experience, from the introduction of "Public Good for Publishers" to the implementation process.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 5.37.48 PM.png



As the UX designer, the biggest challenge for me was to clearly introduce the new "Take Action" button concept for people who didn't know what it was. Making the new system work seamlessly with the existing Public Good platform was another challenge I faced. Before diving into design, I tried to answer the following questions first:

  • What's the best way to introduce the "Take Action" button concept to publishers?
  • How might we make it available to as many publishers as possible in the shortest time?
  • How might we make it easy for publishers to manage the buttons and track their performance?


I started with mapping out the user flow for two types of target users: (1) users with Public Good accounts, and (2) users without Public Good accounts. Since the goal was to have an easy and quick process for new users to get started, we didn't require users to register for a PG account before getting the button. However, we still wanted to increase our registered user base on PG, so we thought we might offer users something more if they registered. To solve this we proposed "Dashboard" as an add-on feature that was only available to registered users.

User flow for Users with Public Good accounts

User flow for Users without Public Good accounts

                                                                                          Public Good for Publisher Landing Page

                                                                                                              Get button widget

                                                                                         Dashboard to view button performance

                                                                                         Dashboard to view button performance


In my time at Public Good this was not pushed live, but by working with top design thinkers I gained experience and proven successful processes for:

• Incorporating strategic and holistic thinking into a new product

• Implementing landing page best practices 

• Ensuring new features work harmoniously with existing products

• Investigating and evaluating how top companies, (e.g., Facebook and Google) solve similar problems